About Us



DODI AUTOTECH (K) LTD was incorporated in August 2004 to take over the assets of Dodi Auto Dealers, a sole proprietorship previously owned by one of the directors. The company started its operations in a small workshop with only 10 units. Growth has been phenomenal and fast. By the second month, the number of units had doubled to 30 before rising to 70 in the third month and 100 units in the fourth. By the fifth month, the company had to relocate to a larger workshop on Runyenjes Road, Off Nanyuki Road in Nairobi?s Industrial Area, to cope with the fast increasing business volume.The decision to relocate was consciously arrived at after factoring in the company?s growth prospects and availability of space for expansion and easy access for both repeat and prospective clients and suppliers.

Nature Of Business

DODI AUTOTECH (K) LTD is a medium-sized engineering firm that specializes in building of luxury and semi-luxury vehicle bodies for passenger transport (matatus) and institutions among others. The Company also builds bodies for vans and all types of trucks The turn-around time for luxury and semi-luxury vehicles is 45 days,  60 days for buses and 14 days for trucks. Van bodies take 5 days to fabricate.

Mission Statement

The Company's mission is to become the leader in the body-building sub-sector by meeting the customers' unmatched satisfaction.


DODI AUTOTECH (K) LTD started its operations mid 2004 as Dodi Auto Dealers in a small workshop with a capacity of 3 vehicles. By the second month the number had doubled to 30 units, rose to 70 units by the third month and to 100 units in four months. By the fifth month, the firm had to move to a larger workshop to cope with the increased business volume.This upward trend has continued steadily to the extent that development capital is the only major limiting factor.

DODI AUTOTECH (K) LTD has adequate machinery, technical workforce and a vibrant management team. Customers include motor dealers like General motors, CMC Motors, Ryce motors, D.T Dobie and Simba Colt Motors. Other customers are investors in shuttle buses, parastatals like the Kenya Power and lighting company, security firms like the G4S other companies like the Nairobi Water and Sewerage Company, schools, colleges and even the NGO sector.

This wide range of customers has made the Company gain recognition in the body building sector and it intends to increase its production despite competition from other body-building companies in the sub-sector. The Company has moved beyond just body building by researching for modern body designs and marketing strategies and giving competitive prices for these bodies.All these strategies are aimed at making the Company a key player in the body-building business.

In year 2005, GENERAL MOTORS EAST AFRICA LTD (GM) appointed DODI AUTOTECH (K) LTD as one of its official truck and coaches' body builders. This has been one our greatest achievements so far. The former is one of the biggest motor dealers in the country and the East African region. GENERAL MOTORS EAST AFRICA LTD (GM) has continuously enjoyed a  cordial business relationship with DODI AUTOTECH (K) LTD enhancing our  corporate image and spurring business growth.

The Management team is led by the General Manager and comprises line managers in areas of service, stores, production and finance. These managers have the capacity in terms of skills, experience and authority ,to direct ,control, organize and coordinate both the human and other resources in their respective departments towards realization of the organizational goals that include but not limited to product quality, customer satisfaction, profitability and overall business growth.

Market Trends

In spite of being a late entrant in this economic sub-sector, DODI AUTOTECH (K) LTD has cut a sizeable niche for itself in the robust market that is largely dominated by over a decade old motor vehicle body building companies. The Company enjoys this sizeable market share primarily because of its product quality and intends to increase it to 15% in the next three years.

As it stands now, the strength of the Company is in the following areas:

  •     Quality - Modern body shapes for the coaches and minibuses
  •     Increased commuter preference for comfortable and modern public means of transport
  •     Skilled and professional manpower and a well motivated workforce
  •     New Government regulations bringing back sanity to the formal transport sector
  •     Customer confidence in its products and services.

Other Notable Facts

The Company was nominated as the best overall body builder by the National Road Safety Council of Kenya for year 2004. In 2005 Total Motor Show at the K.I.C.C the Company's Luxury Coach was selected as the best commuter transport coach on display.

In July 2005, we were approved by the Ministry of Roads and Public works for Government motor vehicle bodies' refurbishment.The Ministry has repeatedly been renewing the annual approval certificates for us.

Company Ownership

DODI AUTOTECH (K) LTD is a private Company limited by shares and incorporated in Kenya under the Companies Act. It is owned by two Directors namely Mr. James Maingi Kimani and Ms. Rahab Mukami Wachira, both of whom are involved in the day-to-day running of its affairs. They are supported by a dedicated team of a general manager,four line managers and sixty one members of staff and contractors at both the supervisory and subordinate levels.

Management Staff

Mr. James M. Kimani - Managing Director

Mr. Kimani is the brains behind the business and is in charge of marketing. He also oversees the Company's policy formulation.Mr Kimani has wide experience in Body Building and automotive sales, having worked with Isuzu Dealers for ten years as a Salesman and as a Sales Manager for seven years before starting this body building business.

Mrs. Rahab M. Kimani - Finance Director

Mrs. Kimani is in charge of Financial Management and General Administration bringing in a wealth of experience, spanning over twelve years, from the Automobile industry.

Special Attributes

With young, brisk, resourceful and highly experienced directors coupled with an admirably innovative technical support team, the Company is certainly primed for obvious challenges in the sub-sector and those presented by growth prospects in both the short run and long run.

The Managing Director has remarkable experience in motor vehicle sales whose recognition has come in various forms including awards from among others GMEA Ltd. This is one vital resource that provides great