Who We Are...

"We are a medium-sized engineering firm that specializes in building of luxury and semi-luxury vehicle bodies for passenger transport(matatus) and institutions among others."

"We also build bodies for vans and all types of trucks The turn-around time for luxuryand semi-luxury vehicles is 45 days,60 days for buses and 14 days for trucks. Van bodies take 5 days to fabricate."


Company Ownership

DODI AUTOTECH (K) LTD is a private Company limited by shares and incorporated in Kenya under the Companies Act. It is owned by two Directors namely Mr. James Maingi Kimani and Ms. Rahab Mukami Wachira, both of whom are involved in the day-to-day running of its affairs. They are supported by a dedicated team of a general manager,four line managers and sixty one members of staff and contractors at both the supervisory and subordinate levels.

Management Staff

Mr. James M. Kimani - Managing Director

Mr. Kimani is the brains behind the business and is in charge of marketing. He also oversees the Company's policy formulation.Mr Kimani has wide experience in Body Building and automotive sales, having worked with Isuzu Dealers for ten years as a Salesman and as a Sales Manager for seven years before starting this body building business.

Mrs. Rahab M. Kimani - Finance Director

Mrs. Kimani is in charge of Financial Management and General Administration bringing in a wealth of experience, spanning over twelve years, from the Automobile industry.

Special Attributes

With young, brisk, resourceful and highly experienced directors coupled with an admirably innovative technical support team, the Company is certainly primed for obvious challenges in the sub-sector and those presented by growth prospects in both the short run and long run.

The Managing Director has remarkable experience in motor vehicle sales whose recognition has come in various forms including awards from among others GMEA Ltd. This is one vital resource that provides great