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Basically, car painting can be done either by hand or by spraying. While excellent finishes can be achieved by hand, we nowadays more generally use some form of spraying. Done well, it can represent the very best in  car finishes, but done badly it represents the very worst.

There are mechanical spray guns available but please do not expect good results.  Using a mechanical (electric) gun means a great deal of rubbing and cutting and polishing will be necessary to achieve good results.

This is the basic equipment needed to spray well:-

Before anything else you need a clean working environment. Spraying disturbs the air and moves dust. Remove it first. A good dry airy place to work, with access all round the car. Ensure that it is dust free by dampening the floor if necessary.
A good air compressor capable of giving a delivery of a minimum of 50Cu.ft per minute. The compressor should have both oil and moisture filters fitted. They can be powered by electricity or motor. I prefer electric.
An air tank with a minimum of 90 litres capacity, but the bigger the better. Make sure that every time before use the bleed valve should be opened to clear any condensed water after pressurizing.
An air supply hose of at least twice the length of the car, ensure there are no kinks or leaks, or 'softening' of the rubber.
The very best possible mask, with renewable filters. Do not use these little cardboard type things - they really are useless!
A pair of lightweight plastic goggles.
Clean vessels/cans for mixing the paint, and storing the different mixtures by strength of paint/thinners.
A mesh filter for straining the paint when pouring the paint from the can to the mixing vessel. A rice cooking strainer is ideal. 
A safe storage area to keep the paint and thinners in, away from any possible welding or grinding sparks.
A good supply of mutton-cloth. - it can be bought in rolls from motor factors.
A kitchen type wooden spoon to ensure no metal filings are produced when stirring the paint.
Have a good quantity of good quality masking tape. A roll of wide about 1?" to 2", a roll of 1" and a roll of ?". Get it from Motor Factors.
Collect newspapers. Hundreds of them - you will never have too many.
A supply of old bed-sheets or similar large cloths.
A cap to keep the paint out of your hair, not baseball, or you get highlights front middle!



We have quallified personelle who do rebranding of matatus/manyangas as well creating customized graphics.....

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